School Shooting Events

There have been many school shootings in Canadian and American history, some unique, some eerily similar. The following examples are a few of the most well known and most covered by news media. In chronological order, we have the Montreal Shooting, Columbine Shooting, The Dawson College Shooting, and the Virginia Tech Shooting.

[1] The Montreal Masacare: Marc Lepine

The Montreal Massacre occurred on December 6, 1989. On this day at around five o’clock, Marc Lépine systematically murdered 14 women students while injuring 13 other students at the École Polytechnique. Lépine’s weapon of choice was a Strum Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic rifle. Maryse Laganiere was the first to be killed and was killed in the hallway of the school. Shortly after, Lépine entered a classroom with 58 students, room 303. Upon entering the room, he quickly separated the females from the males, and told the males to leave the room. Six women died, and many more wounded. Lépine exited the room and killed three more females while on his way to room 311. Marc Lépine finally took his life, but not before killing 4 more female students in the classroom. The shooting took approximately twenty minutes
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[2] The Columbine Shootings: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

Littleton is a small town in Colorado, one would think that not a lot goes on here. On April 20, 1999, this was not the case. It was on this day that two friends in senior year at Columbine High-School embarked on a premeditated rampage. Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold were seemingly normal teenagers, but constant bullying and alienation made these two one angry pair. Their plan was to kill as many people from their high-school as they could. From midday till their killing spree was over, along with the two killers, twelve students and one teacher lay dead. It is believed that planning could have started as far as a year before the incident occurred.
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[3] The Dawson College Murders: Kimveer Gill

Dawson College was the scene of a deadly shooting on September 13, 2006 near downtown Montreal. Kimveer Gill shot up the school starting from outside before moving inside towards the atrium and the cafeteria. Although only one student died from the shooting, a total of 19 students were wounded, 8 of which were in critical condition. Two Police officers who were at the school for an unrelated reason managed to shoot Gill in the arm, but were unsuccessful in apprehending him before he took his own life. This shooting is the fourth fatal school shooting in Quebec.
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[4] The Massacre at Viginia Tech: Seung-Hui Cho

Virginia Tech was the home of the most deadly school shooting by a single gunman on record in the United States. The school is in Blacksburd, Virginia, and on April 16 2007, it was surely a black day, in Blacksburd. Seung-Hui Cho took part in two separate but not unrelated shootings approximately two hours apart. 32 people died that day, and many more injured. Cho had severe
anxiety disorder and had been treated by therapy for many years prior. His weapons of choice were a 22-caliber Walther P22 semi-automatic handgun and a 9 mm semi-automatic Glock 19 handgun. West Ambler Johnston Hall was the location where the first two victims fell. About two hours later, Cho advanced to Norris Hall where he killed another 30 people. Seung-Hui Cho committed suicide soon after.
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